National Phlebotomy Certification — The #1 Reason to Get Yours

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Why should I get my National Phlebotomy Certification?

In most states, getting your National Phlebotomist Certification is not a requirement to get a job. However, it is extremely helpful to have one, as it shows employers that you are experienced in the field. Becoming nationally certified makes it easier to get a job.

California, Louisiana, Nevada, and Washington are the four states with special requirements to become a phlebotomist.

Will I be Nationally Certified When I Complete Phlebotomist School?

No. Your phlebotomist school will most likely give you a certificate of completion. This is not the same as a National Certification, though it may be required to become nationally certified. (Read on for more information on this matter.)

How do I become nationally certified?

You need to pass an exam.

There are many organizations that offer national certification; such as the National Phlebotomy Association and American Allied Health. Each organization has its own list of requirements you must meet in order for you to take the exam.

Some examples of what may be required are;

  • The applicant has performed a certain number of procedures (venipuntures, skin punctures, etc)
  • The applicant have successfully completed phlebotomist school
  • The applicant has worked as a part-time phlebotomist for one full year.

If you study, you will do great!

How Much Does It Cost to Get Nationally Certified?

It can cost as low as $75, or up to $150 in some organizations. It is a wise investment since the certificate displays your experience to potential employers. For more detail on fees, you can visit an organization’s website.

Do I need to renew my National Certification?

Depending on the agency you go through to become certified, you may be required to renew your certification each year or every two years. If you are late to renew your certification, you may face additional late fees. Be sure to check with the agency’s website for additional information.

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Where Can I Apply to Become Nationally Certified?

To make your life much easier, we have included a list of places, that you can apply to take the national certification exam.

Click the names to visit the official websites for more details:

American Allied Health (AAH)

  • Fee: $105

American Association of Bioanalysts (ABOR)

  • Fees: $95

American Certification Agency for Healthcare Professionals (ACA)

  • Fees:
  • Phlebotomy Technician: $100
  • Phlebotomy Instructor: $150
  • ECG Technician: $100
  • ECG Instructor: $150
  • Renewal: Every 2 years

American Medical Certification Association (AMCA)

  • Fees:
  • Phlebotomy Technician: $109
  • Phlebotomy/ EKG Technician: $139
  • Test Details:
  • 100 questions
  • Exam time: 2 hrs
  • Renewal: Every 2 years

American Medical Technologists (AMT)

  • Fees:
  • Current — $100
  • As of 4/1/16 — $120
  • (International) Current — $120
  • (International) As of 4/1/16 — $140
  • Renewal: Every 3 years

American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP)

  • Fees:
  • Phlebotomy Technician, PBT — $135
  • Donor Phlebotomy Technician, DPT — $135

Association of Phlebotomy Technicians (ASPT)

  • Fees: $55 plus a membership fee

National Association for Health Professionals (NAHP)

  • Fees: $75
  • Test Details:
  • Paper & Pencil:
  • 2.5 hours / 200 items
  • Computer Based:
  • 2 hours / 200 items
  • Renewal: Every year

National Center for Competency Testing (NCCT/ MMCI)

  • Fees:
  • Current Students: $90
  • Graduate:
  • Within 6 months of graduation: $90
  • Six months after graduation: $135
  • Experience: $135
  • Military (Active duty, veteran, or active dependent): $90
  • Test Details:
  • 125 scored questions, 25 unscored pretest questions
  • Exam Time: 3 hours

National Healthcareer Association (NHA)

  • Fees: $105
  • Renewal: Every 2 years
  • Test Details:
  • 100 questions, 20 pretest questions
  • Exam time: 2 hours

National Phlebotomy Association (NPA)

  • Fees: $130
  • Renewal: Every year

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