‘Look What You Made Me Do’, Swift’s shout out to her enemies.

Although I am most definitely not a fan of Taylor Swift, her new music video and song “Look What You Made Me Do” is especially relevant to pop culture. This song is an obvious shout out to other celebrities of her past and there’s plenty of them. The beginning of the video starts off with a reference to Calvin Harris, Taylor’s ex. She stands next to a tombstone that reads ‘Nils Sjoberg’, her pseudonym for a co-written song with Harris. This connection is more clear than others and is a little less arguable. Directly after this picture in the music video, Swift is seen in a bathtub surrounded by jewelry. She is also seen holding her hand up to mock a gun which I interpreted as a reference to Kim Kardashian-West and her Paris robbery. Kardashian-West was robbed of millions of jewelry while being held at gunpoint in a bathtub. Swift and Kardashian-West have had drama in the past, specifically with her husband and his lyrics that directly call out Swift. To me, the overall theme of this music video and the song as a whole is to show her comeback to all the attention she’s received over her career, primarily the bad. The song isn’t anything special, a typical pop song that’s slightly annoying but will probably get in your head. I think that instead of focusing on the music quality of this release, Swift wanted to show that she isn’t to be messed with and she can ‘throw shade’ as well. In my opinion, I think its working with 53 million views in almost 36 hours on Youtube.