The Rookie of the “First half” year

Aaron Judge hits a 495 foot home run via

Aaron Judge started the season off as one of the best rookies in the league and arguably the best player in the league. He also led his Yankee team to one of the best records in the league before the all star break. The all star break is a week long break to celebrate the best players in the league, to have fun, and to let the players have a break from playing six games a week. It is a perfect benchmark to evaluate stats and see who is producing the most for each position.

Aaron Judge had the best first half of the year among all MLB players this year. Judge led the league in home runs(30), top 3 in RBIs(66), and top 10 in avg.(.329). Judge did so well in the first half of the season that he was picked to start in the MLB all star game. In addition, he was a participant in the Home Run Derby. He knocked out the reigning champ, Giancarlo Stanton, in the first round round and ended up winning the competition pretty easily. This makes Judge the first rookie to ever win the home run derby.

Aaron Judge strikes out via nytimes

Returning to the Yankee’s after the all star break, Judge was not in his previous form although he did break a couple more records. Since the all star break, Judge has played in 55 games averaging a .185 batting average compared to his .329 before the all star break. Also he only has 11 home runs and 24 RBIs. The one record he broke a couple weeks back was strike outs in consecutive games. Aaron Judge struck out 37 straight games which passed Adam Dunn’s 33 straight games to be the most in MLB history. Although Aaron Judge is having one of the worst second halves of the season, he still will be breaking records at the end of the because of his phenomenal first half performance whether it is home runs, RBIs, or even strikeouts.

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