My Experience
sanjay 23

My Experience

it was very usefull for us

it was very interesting

it used to improve our programming skiils

it was very use full type fast

it was important to us

it helps as lot to improve our knowledge

it was good entertainment

it was boring for sometimes

but i dono to do this before

know i was practiced some what

it was valuable

i learned more

for sometimes computer is not working properly

our seniors helped as lot

teacher also helped as lot

//My Experience

It was very useful for us.

It was very interesting.

It used to improve our programming skills.

It was very useful to type fast.

It was important to us.

It helped a lot to improve our knowledge.

It was a good entertainment.

It was boring for sometimes.

But I didn’t know how to do this before.

Now I have some practice.

It was valuable.

I learnt more.

Sometimes the computer did not work properly.

Our seniors helped a lot.

The teachers also helped us a lot.