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Newton’s coach could help Cam get fewer hits by not using him as a running back (although that’s a big part of Newton’s qb arsenal). Some of the big hits he took were when he was a runner, although that wasn’t the case on the two worst hits, Darian Stewart’s hit (which was penalized) and the one by Brandon Marshall (which wasn’t). What has to be stated up front is that there’s a built-in irony to this situation. The NFL can decry the hits on quarterbacks, but a substantial percentage of the money spent on players is paid to guys whose sole occupation is hitting the qb as hard as they can. And a lot of them are much bigger, stronger, and faster than the men they are being paid to mangle. Last year, Andrew Luck was hit so hard that he suffered a lacerated kidney. He was running downfield at the time. How do we protect him from THAT?

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