Republicans Are Increasingly Skeptical Of Higher Education. This Is Bad For All Of Us.
Ryan Huber

In 1973 the Rockefeller Commission set out to discover why the natives were so restless during the 1960s and didn’t know their own place. Their conclusion? That the American people had become “too educated” during the New Deal.

How do you become “too educated?” Like the mentally handicapped kid whose ice cream cone ends up in the middle of his forehead, these Republicans have their own selves to look at in the mirror. Apparently they’re OK with turning us back to feudalism, that’s how much emotional animus they’ve developed toward the word “progress.” They’d rather slit their wrists than conclude that the solution is education for all, not just the aristocrats, nor fund such. Why that would be socialism.

Well-trained by their AM radio mind kontrol artists, they respond to certain words emotionally rather than give them rational definitions so you at least can discuss them. No worry, they’ll die and go to heaven where God, that great Socialist in the Sky will provide everything for free in spite of the danger of it making them all soft and decadent.

All this from a fundamentalist Christian and former member of the Christian Right, just in case you think I’m biased or exaggerating.

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