Question Time and Cereal Killers.

On Thursday 11th December’s Question Time Nigel Farage stated that Britain’s relaxed immigration controls have led to a population increase of 55 million in 1990- to 62 million today- a rise of 12.72%. This, he claims places an unacceptable burden on the resources of the country.

This compares to a global increase of 5,287,869,228 in 1990 to 7,280,461,270 today, a rise 37.68% So, despite immigration Britain’s population expanded at around a third of the rate of the rest of the world.

Incidentally, these immigrants paid more in tax than they received, giving a net gain of £20bn over the last ten years.

Also noteworthy was David Dimbleby’s repeated refusal to allow Russell Brand, or indeed anyone, to discuss banker bonuses. It’s a shame really, it would have made for a particularly enlightening debate given Nigel Farage’s alliance with the city and his refusal to confirm a policy on banker bonuses, tax breaks, regulation and controls (prediction: you won’t ever hear policy, because there won’t ever be policy).

So why is the BBC so keen to steer the issue onto horseshit like immigration and the semantic argument of whether the privatization of the NHS can be called privatization?

Maybe they just want Farage to seem like he knows what he’s talking about for ratings sake. Maybe they want to infantilise the debate in a lowest-common-denominator fashion in order to remain populist. Or maybe they want to infantilise the population to remain, as ever, our beloved maternal ‘auntie’.

Who knows? What I do know is that I will continue to get my news, opinion and commentary from elsewhere wherever possible.
In other news, those cereal killer guys didn’t invent luxury goods, gentrification or wage inequality. Stop letting the idiots at channel four and BBC distract you with nonsense, there’s a CIA torture report to get angry about.

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