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K. Guillory. “Mantis”, 2016. Acrylic on canvas. Subject is a game avatar.

A new genre depicting the world of virtual reality is here. But what is it about?

What if I told you it was worth studying how people play games, engage in online worlds, and study the kind of things users build in virtual environments? You would most likely agree to this, thinking it’s a pretty rational argument.

But what if I said it was also worth painting?

Source: Action 7 News / Giphy

New/Old Detroit, one year later.

A year ago, I wrote an essay addressing the inequalities Detroit was dealing with, and how its progression of rising from the proverbial ashes was uneven as a result. It angered a lot of Detroiters, but it made just as many want to have an honest discussion. I was happy to see an essay affecting so many people.

At the invitation of the Detroit Free Press, I began to write an outline for a third installation of the “New/Old Detroit” series about two months ago. …

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Image credit: Jared Erondu

The person next to you probably has nothing

I’ve been homeless twice. The first time came when my financial aid at Wayne State fell through suddenly. After attempting to resolve it with administration, I was forced to pack up everything and move to a relative’s house. The arrangement didn’t last long before it became abusive. Fortunately, there was a homeless shelter around the corner, where I stayed for three months. The dean of WSU found out about my case too late, but extended what help he could to make my time there easier.

The second incident came years later after making a poor choice of rooming with someone with a mental illness. I didn’t know it when I met them. They seemed perfectly fine at first. But things escalated, got strange and scary, and I fled again. This time, I was able to afford the option of not enrolling at a shelter. I got an office and decided to live with different friends instead, retreating to my workspace when I wanted to avoid interacting with others. Taking trips out to Livonia and other parts of the suburbs was not foreign to me at the time. …


K. Guillory

Comic and fine artist.

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