What You Don’t Know About TripAdvisor
Heather Stimmler-Hall

What irks me is when I search using terms like Beach, Cityname and the word hotel, and have places like Tripadvisor show up with .com , .nz. ca. as well as other country domains so as to bury our legitimate hotel domain with their multiplicity of domains. You would think Google would have the smarts to zap all but 1 of their domains.

We’ve also had negative listings due to people booking a similar named hotel in Acapulco then not having a booking when they arrived, enough that we purchased a additional domain including City in it. PlayaLindaHotelTapachula.com

We paid 1 year to get our small hotels link PlayaLindaHotel.com and phone on Tripadvisor and somewhere through the year we realized we were getting forwarded messages from Trip Advisor, it turns out without permission they put their phone number in place of our local Mexican number. So people needed to call a long distance telephone, we doubt anyone with a cell would even call them and we assumed the lack of people calling meant the advertising was poor but we never thought to check that they would substitute their number for ours. We asked for a refund and failing that requested they provide a further year with OUR phone number, arbitrarily they provided the remainder of the year with our phone number instead of theirs. Of course we opted out of any future contracts with them.