VeeZ gets a major update: 2.0. What’s New

We’ve been doing one thing quite a bit since we released the VeeZ app: listening. Over time, as we distill what VeeZ stands for, it’s this: the fastest way to share a video with someone. There are no time limits and we spent enormous energy into building technology that takes large, 4K video and uploads fast. We don’t think the future of video communication is 15 second clips.

Many folks have feature ideas and our job as product designers is to figure out what updates will make the largest impact for our users. I wish we could build everything, but unfortunately we’re limited on resources. So we picked these improvements and are looking forward to your feedback as VeeZ evolves!

A request we kept hearing over and over is “I wish I could upload videos & images from camera roll to VeeZ”

Well, now that’s possible!

Upload Example

For media uploads we support images & movies from the camera roll. Users can now share videos shot using other apps like MSQRD — which we are huge fans of as well!

Next up. Plenty of people asked us to “add text messaging”

But deep down this feature felt wrong. VeeZ is a video messaging app — not a traditional text messaging service. The text messaging space has many players and arguably if we add this feature we become lost as to how VeeZ is different from other apps.

Moreover, given the ability to text, people would stop sending videos. So the conversation would start to look like a traditional text conversation which is exactly what we want to avoid.

After thinking long and hard about this, we think there’s an answer. The model is: everything starts with a video. The video becomes a starting point of a conversation with an ability to comment. There’s nothing new about comments, however placing them in blocks of a video thread provides a new & interesting experience. For example, when a video response cannot be sent a comment can be instantly made.

It works like so:

Comments Example

Comments are seen in real-time just like text, however they are anchored to a video.

Comment block model

To illustrate this model, a video block concept is something like this:

A message is initiated by a video. Commenting allows for instant responses when it’s difficult to record a video and continues the conversation. The sender no longer has to wait for a video response.

In early testing, this model seemed to work well and we’re excited to see it out in the wild. We are also enabling link support in comments so pasting URLs will work in videos.

Notice: there is no text messaging in the app as we stick to our core belief that VeeZ is about video.

Many users send follow on text messages saying: Hey, did you see my VeeZ? We decided to make this easier:

Now it’s easy to see when someone is watching or watched a sent video.

Watched feedback example

The sender will now see if the video was watched. And as a bonus, we included hearts (Who doesn’t love hearts?) — to quickly express a like gesture. All of these interactions happen in real-time between the sender and the recipient.

Hearts Example
Privacy: This is a big subject in any messaging system. In VeeZ, when a video is deleted, it’s removed not only from the recipient device but erased from our servers.

Deletion works like so:

Example of permanent deletion

The recipient would see this video disappear instantly. We do not allow recipients to save videos to their camera roll.

We hope you enjoy these updates and looking forward to your feedback!

Thank you for using VeeZ.