Nine volumes, nearly 170 years old.

For decades, this collection—published nearly 170 years ago—has fascinated me with the history it’s revealed, including a shocking assassination and personalities spanning the earliest days of our republic through the Civil War.

“Fake news” isn’t an oxymoron. Jumbo shrimp is. Here’s why I can’t abide the former.

Take a stand against this cute grammatical construction. I feel sorry for the people who persist in using it.

Chesterfield residents gathered at Faust Park (a county park) for a summer concert, sponsored by the Chesterfield Chamber of Commerce on Nov. 25, 2013. Photo by Kurt.

The Chesterfield City Council passed a resolution opposing a question that hasn’t even been asked yet. Its head-in-the-sand reasoning has sinister undertones.

Right Rev. Duncan M. Gray Jr. (photo via Episcopal News Service)

Then a parish priest, Duncan M. Gray Jr. writes about the imperative for the church to be more active in reconciling man to man, as well as man to God.

Mar-A-Lago, the 17-acre Palm Beach estate Donald Trump bought for $10 million (including furnishings) in 1985. Photo via Flickr user Mberjano under Creative Commons license.

Donald Trump and the burden of his Palm Beach estate

It’s not complicated. I paid you twice for one service — and it was your fault. May I have a refund now, please?

How United Healthcare Is Holding My Premium Hostage

See my postscript to this article at the bottom (Aug. 17, 2015)

Kurt Greenbaum

Writer, editor, content strategy guy. Owner of Greentree MediaWorks in St. Louis.

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