A Day For Firsts.

Hello world & curating about decentralized communities.

In addition to writing my first Medium post (which you’re in, right now — welcome!), I’m happy to share that I‘m a long-time reader, first time curator for Community.is, a newsletter about community, technology, and connection.

The issue I curated is focused on the power of decentralized communities, my ideas on 2018’s push towards decentralization, handpicked Short / Mid / Long reads (spoiler: one of them is a project I co-launched about digital identity), as well as a bevy of links.

READ THE WHOLE SHE-BANG. And also, you should definitely sign up for Community.is — it’s one of the few weekly newsletters I consistently read and click through, with quality, thoughtful articles and ideas.

Credit: Joseph Gruber, Creative Commons License, source

A few more links that didn’t fit in the issue, but relate to decentralization that you might enjoy:

And lastly, lightning round links on all things net neutrality, and why people are looking with interest at mesh networks:

Thanks for reading: Got thoughts or links to swap about decentralization? Hit me up on Twitter! I’m also happy to talk animatedly about: product /community / user focus / user research / human centered design / design thinking, lifecycle planning as codebase ages, remote teams, civic engagement, and ethics and tech.