Pictures I’ve taken today: October 26th

I saw a pelican (or some sort of bird with pale yellow beak) landed on a car in front of my apartment. Quickly ran and took my camera but it was too late. So I didn’t get a nice shot of it.

Zoom in to see the bird

My photography hype was still there, so I’ve decided to go around and take more pictures.

Just casual freeway shots.

Not that good. But it was fun walking around in a breezy humid weather.

This was when I walked home. Saw a woman walking her dog.

I saw these people on this intersection every time. I didn’t have the guts to take a picture from the front.


I really like this beautiful glow around the “ENTRANCE”. Wonder if any game engine can simulate that.

October 26th 2015 (All images are licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0, please also notify me☺ I’d be happy to check out.)