Assessment Task-03A : SOUND/AMBIENCE

The artist that I am imitated is John Cage. One of his famous work is his composition composition ‘4’33"’, a musical score in which the performer makes no sound for the duration of the piece. According to Cage (1998, cited by Solomon, 2002), the purpose of this work was for the audience to listen to the sounds of the environment around them while the piece was performed. That is as a sound that plays the space.

4'33" -By John Cage (1952)

To produce my own sound in space, l recorded the sound of a cross road. The sounds produced by the people and traffic. The continues sound is intentional sound, because it is changing every moment. The drawing below is showing this sound. Different shapes are used to as the changing of the sound trend and shows different timbre. In addition, those simple lines are also used to showing the trend of sound. Furthermore, the lines which connected the shapes is showing the sound is continues.

By Kate He (2017)

Reference List

Larry J Solomon, 2002, The Sound of silence,

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