Four Principles of Progress in Life

“Success isn’t just about what you’ve ACCOMPLISHED in your life, It’s about what you’ve INSPIRE others to do”
Abdul sattar Edhi, Edhi was his family name, His family had the spirit for humanitarianism. He became a hero for his nation and the world because he had the keen eye to understand the pain people bear after their unfortunates.
Abdul Sattar Edhi was born in Bantva in 1925.He along with his family migrated to Pakistan in 1947.

He gained the ability to avoid surplus money from his grandfather ( Haji Rehmatullah), passion to forgiving people and helping needy and poor and learnt to have patience in ups and down of life from his mother (Gurba), and to be specific and sure for his aims and have faith on his own beliefs from his father ( Abdul shakoor Edhi). Edhi was a loner. He married Bilquis at the age of forty plus.They have four children, two boys and two girls.

Bilquis was a nurse in his clinic.

In his early childhood he built the sense of right path. 
He helped his mother in charity during Ramadan and on Eid. This act made him strong in understanding who is needy and who is lazy. A rich businessman had opened a dispensary, he often finds a needy or injured and get him medicine and food, which to be the foundation of his future. At the age of thirteen he had no hopes but just started studying again, and got 1st position. His thoughts and hard work of research about right and wrong. (Leads to Amal)

First Principle (ACTION) “AMAL”

During racing with friends he always wins because he hated failure and knew that success was synonymous with effort. (Presents Khudi)(Second Principle Self belief)

An inspiration for new generation due to his self belief.

when he gave voice to a mentally handicapped person and when he helped an injured old man and learnt a lot from him and one day he never to be found anywhere he lost his first teacher and but never lost his aim to help poor. (khudi and “Third Principle Sabre jameel(Patience)”)

He him self became teacher to ones with hope for change.

He would never understand the word charity, giving up on own dreams to help another, without his mother and father’s help and understanding. (Eck Aur Eck giara)

At the time of partitioning he showed sabre jameel his family lost his shares in business and he also lost his company shares, he hid in unused pot on the upper shelf of his old house kitchen but he never think of giving up and established world biggest NGO (Edhi Foundation) with his team’s help.

Forth and Final Principle “Eck Aur Eck Gayara” (“One and one equal to Eleven” OR “Unity is strength”)

I don’t knowl that I could ever explain his thoughts truly but I’m sure he’ll live in PAKISTAN’s heart for a long time now. Because “HUM HAIN PAKISTAN”(WE ARE PAKISTAN).

Find your self with LOVE

Video named as “Main Hun Abdul Sattar Edhi, Main Hun PAKISTAN”
(I’m Abdul Sattar Edhi, I’m PAKISTAN)