Journey to my WHY,What is your WHY?

“He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.”
Said Friedrich Nietzsche.
Find your own WHY

I’ve been a weak child in my studies, No one aspects me to reach at stage, I’m today. Frankly, I didn’t either. It was awful. I made my WHY my studies. I thought if I’ll do PhD then I can be happy with my life. I had every thing Family, Friends, Love. Still life didn’t felt complete so never the less I continued my journey of “The PhD”. And then the day came I completed my Master’s.

Christine Feehan — ‘Life gives us choices. You either grab on with both hands and just go for it, or you sit on the sidelines.’

Because I didn’t have the financial freedom so I planed to achieve that freedom. I started looking for jobs and being a Pakistani I wasn’t shocked when I didn’t get even one single interview call from any organization, even from the one where I did internship. One day a friend of mine (Abdul Rehman Chaudhry) posted a ad for Career Fellowship.

Abdul Rehman Chaudhry, I’m very thankful to you for your post and your effort and encouragement behavior for me.

I applied for the fellowship and I was shocked when I had my first phone interview. That was amazing for me. I curiously started waiting for the in person interview, and then I got email for Interview. I was so happy and just for the sake of knowing more about the team who called me for the interview I started looking for detail information of Amal Academy and I googled the Amal academy’s name. I visited the organizations website then face book page and then I felt so happy that I told my whole family, even I shown a video on humility (I found on Amal website) to my dad. I was so excited that I forcefully set headphones and made him watch full video even though he wasn’t interested what I was showing him. I started looking for alumni’s and found Adnan Ahmad and Khadija Yousaf , I texted both and asked for help. They replied then I had the interview, and got selected.

Left side Adnan Ahmed, Right side Khadija Yousaf, Thank you so much both of you.

My journey with Amal started. At first I thought, I’ll be able to improve soft skills, organizational skills and finally get a job but I got much more. I understood my reason to live, before fellowship’s end, I knew my passion, I knew my WHY isn’t only my study, I wanted to explore the world. I found some amazing friends who supported me, however I would speak about my foolish desire. They are so awesome that I could spend my whole day with them without worrying about any thing else. I found true friends there. A new family with different backgrounds but the same compassion.

Thank you so much Rameez although your are not in this picture but this short was your best shot.
Donald Trump — “You have to think anyway, so why not think big?”

Now I know my WHY, that is to visit the world and live for my self. I know now I’m life long learner, I’m ready to learn from my failure and ready to jump towards risk, ready to sacrifice for what I feel happy doing.

I would say it like that: “I’m ready to live my life now”

I’m doing a job now, I started my journey to accomplish my reason to live and I’m grateful to Amal team for every effort they’ve put in this, and make me realize my true passion.

Specially thanks to man behind the camera “Amir” for taking this amazing shot of inspiring people.
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