And for someone who is transgender, allocated sex is not the same as the sex they see themselves as…
Shingai Samudzi

And for someone who is transgender…

Nobody cares. Trust me. Of all the things that are important on this earth, this issue ranks well behind cockroaches in the kitchen and mitral valve abnormalities in schnauzers. (well, perhaps even behind the schnauzers.)

This is an awfully good time to explain Nature’s Sexual Screwups in terms that computer geeks will understand.

SEX: That’s your hardware. Your goods. Take a look between your legs, you’ll know what you are. Failing that, have a DNA test.

GENDER: That’s your software; what you think you are. About 1% of the time, this doesn’t line up with SEX. Pity, that. These are people with difficult struggles that surgery doesn’t always solve.

WHO YOU LIKE: These are your network protocols; IOW, who you want to boink. Questions on that? Call momma.

PROBLEMS WITH THAT? Not much. I don’t care who you boink, as long as you don’t try to tell my daughter that you are “normal” when only 6% of the population wants to cross-boink.

Hence, the bill is intentionally discriminatory

And perhaps reasonably so. I am clearly discriminating against pedophiles when I don’t allow them to become teachers. And the sexual desires of pedophiles seem to be, medically speaking, just as hard-wired and impossible to change as those of gay individuals.

Problem with that? Hm?

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