Absolutely! I tell this to youngsters all the time, conservation usually goes like this:
Kyle Plate

Bingo. I have been in technology technical sales and services almost my entire career, focused first on hardware, then early-phase AI, then databases, content management, business process management, web portals, and now data science.

I haven’t destroyed as many lives as Jeff Bezos, but I’ve done my share.

We’re always going to need plumbers, HVAC techs, electricians, engine mechanics, and the like. If you’re not blue collar inclined, teachers, many jobs in medical technology, and the like are not automatable.

Of course, if you’re IQ 125+ and have a STEM degree, you’re golden. You just have to make sure you’re light on your feet if you get caught in the wrong niche, but if you’re book smart, you can do that.