It’s Not About Race!
John Metta

“Damn near everything that Black people do is already outside the white norm. Black people talk too loud, they don’t do what they’re told, they “act out,” they stand too close, they have weird hair, they dress funny, they shake their butts too much (which is fine if Taylor Swift does it).”

Yea…..but….. :-)

There is nothing INNATE about cultural characteristics. What we have in the US is not a cultural clash between “Western European Culture” and “African Culture”; what’s clashing is “White American Culture” and “Black American Culture”; and the only reason the two are different is because we’ve done such a shitty job of merging the two over the years.

Years ago I worked out in California with a lovely black girl (we were both in software technical sales). Her parents were both M.D.s, and she was raised in an absurdly expensive burb south of San Francisco. Her “cultural behavior” was no different than any white person, because she was raised with them. It was the only culture she knew.

And, of course, she’s not unique. Examples abound. Steph Curry. If we were truly integrated neighborhood by neighborhood, then we’d all have the same “blended” culture.

Would that be good or bad, in your view?

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