More or less all of their organized responses so far have been what we would have seen if Mitt Romney or Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio had won instead. There might be a difference in the magnitude of their opposition, but no difference of kind or character.
First, Destroy the Federal Workforce — Then Rule Like an Autocrat
Andrew Dobbs

Excellent point here. Bill Maher mentioned this just before election day, that by pretending that decent, honorable men like Mitt Jeb Marco JohnMcCain etc were going to bring about the “end of the universe”, there was no additional rhetoric that could be deployed against Trump. Just saying “Yea, but I really really MEAN it this time…..wasn’t effective.

The left has to come to grips with the fact that (a) there will always be conservative politicians with which they disagree, and (b) the vast majority of these politicians are decent men with which the left simply disagrees about policy.

Beyond the pale rhetoric continues to be deployed even today. I assure you that no conservative wants to see children dying the street; we simply believe we can develop a better strategy than Obamacare to solve the problem.

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