Nah… it’s not early.
John Hopkins

Nah… it’s not early. He has already shown his colors. For example, he spoke about the cost of the military and foreign wars, but he’s just signed a devil’s pact with the Saudis for a mountain of weaponry.

I am an optimist. And although he did sign a deal for a boatload of arms with the Saudis, he was the first president to speak about Islam in a way that resonates with Muslims. I was rather shocked; I wondered if a Muslim had actually written the speech for him.

At some point you’ve got to swallow on that — before it chokes you.

Actually, I don’t have to swallow that until 2020. Wouldn’t make any difference if I did.

I’m not sure who that politician you posted is. I recognize the face, but can’t quite place him — being from Europe.

Sorry. Chuck Schumer, currently the leader of the Senatorial Democrats. Senator from Wall Street (well, New York).

Anyway. Why do people have such a downer on the world?

Not sure. It certainly could use a little touch ups around the edges, but in general, it’s a pretty nice place. You can travel to a lot more countries and be safe than ones you’re not safe in.

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