The more I read about how the Democratic Party is “broken” or out of touch or doomed the more I…
Rob Weinhold

I guess I don’t know where I’m going with this, but I do feel until people actually start giving a shit about other people it doesn’t matter what platform is put forth by whom, we are doomed to make the same political choices.

Giving a shit about other people is, generally speaking, a luxury reserved for the affluent. Until good jobs return to America, or a non-welfare structure is put into place that allow people to provide valuable labor for value in return, then you can expect decreasing numbers of people to concern themselves with left-wing social justice issues.

The core social justice issue of any generation is giving people the opportunity to earn a good living. As long as new Wal-Mart stores get 500 applicants per job opening, the problems in the economy will far outweigh other issues.

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