Yeah you really showed them…What a great victory you’ve managed putting a guy into office who…
Nathaniel Oveson

I quite agree it may turn out to be a Pyrric victory, but to see the Trump victory as anything other than middle America flipping the coastal and urban elites the bird and saying “Hey, assholes, do you hear me NOW?” is entirely missing the point.

Not very many people, at this juncture, LIKE Trump in the White House; he’s there because he was telling YOU what WE were thinking, and have been thinking about you for decades. And if you shrug that off by just saying, in effect “Nice going, guys” then you guarantee that GOP politics will continue to dominate the national scene until another serious alternative emerges.

Here’s some free learning: People who have watched good, middle class jobs disappear, and now are concerned for themselves and their children’s futures, are not interested in solutions that center around more welfare. Good luck.

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