I think the reason that many men want to distance themselves and their own indiscretions in…
Carl Sandburg

I think you’ve written a thoughtful and very accurate article. A few things jump out at me:

Trump has spoken disrespectufully about ANYONE whom he sees as an opponent or rival. He is not a mosogynist. He is, if anything, a misanthrope.

Well, he can be BOTH, right? It’s not an either/or. What you’re suggesting is that when Trump offends, don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s only your special interest group that he scorns. We women are just a subset of Trump’s ire, which is more accurately defined as “anyone he can exert a power dynamic over.”

Along the same lines, boys who become men can be trained in a Pavlovian fashion to bury their coarse commentary and maybe even the impulse to objectify women, but if such a society is fabricated, it will not signal equality. It will be false, hollow, and shallow.

There you go. You cannot legislate respect for women. You can penalize DISrespect, but if you do, those inclined (for whatever reason) to exhibit disrespect simply take it underground.

It means that conveniently making men slime-balls, and women victims, is false and unproductive.

Bingo. In fact, if the effort to encourage respect is interpreted by mysogenists as “women are victims and therefore weak”, then the entire effort backfires, and encourages even *more* mysogenist behavior.

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