Kady, this is sheer ‘parental choice’ apologism.
One Tongue Johnny

Let’s not take my support for a general principle (parental perogative) and stretch that into thinking I would extend that principle into illegal or dangerous activity, eh? That’s a nonsequitur.

Point here is that parents have a right to raise their children as they see fit, and need not relinquish that responsibility to the state. Obviously, that right does not and should not extend into situations which are illegal, nor situations where the well-being of the child is unambiguously threatened.

To the specific point that Brendon was making, let’s call it the “Parent Trap” problem, when parents who are in all ways good, conscientious parents are put into difficult dilemmas due to situations their kids get into (or just ARE into) because their morals and/or religion comes smack up against a very real situation involving their children.

There are three biggies here. (1) Your kid is homosexual, (2) your daughter is pregnant, and (3) your kid is transgendered.

There are a lot more kids caught in the Parent Trap because they are gay or pregnant than transgendered. And we’ve been talking about the Parent Trap for decades, and still have no idea how to solve it.

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