“Oh, and he’s a total liar.”
Kady M.

Nobody’s arguing semantics. This is a discussion of logic and reason, along with an appeal for some critical thinking.

Ryan’s account did definitely include certain lies. However, although they were notable, they were peripheral to his account of what did happen, which was NOT a lie. IOW, I am not going to hyperventilate about Ryan claiming that the gun was “held to his head” (lie) when the gun was in fact held ON him, and he was in fact shaken down at gunpoint for money by a rentacop who had no right to demand money from him.

Ryan’s charged with filing a false police report. OK, that’s a misdemeanor (for that type) and a fine. It’s a far more minor crime than a rentacop pulling a gun on you and demanding money; that’s a felony robbery.

The USA Today report, which was exhaustive, has led to another rethink of this by those who are thinking. First, Ryan was a victim of a 3rd world shakedown. Then, Ryan was a “total liar”. Now, Ryan the recent turns are showing that Ryan is/was an inebriated embellisher of what was largely an accurate account of the event, an event which included an armed stickup, and Jimmy Feigen getting fleeced for 11K after they initially demanded 50K. Which is why ESPN, after pilloying Ryan all last week, ran a segment on Tuesday night entitled “Did Ryan Lochte get a bum rap?”.

The answer appears to be “yes”. That doesn’t excuse the lying or the public intoxication or even the incident of vandalism……but let’s not hang the guy for doing something that a rather large subset of the population did during their younger years as well. Fair is fair.

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