CLINTON *clap* WAS *clap* ELECTABLE *clap*
A dumb man

CLINTON *clap* WAS *clap* ELECTABLE *clap*
That’s your argument.

Non sequitur. My argument is that Sanders was not electable.

At this point, anyone who says this or defends the DNC is not interested in politics. Children will die because of GOP policies, and this is how you show you care. Good job.

Oh, what a load of hyperbolic crap.

If “children will die because of GOP policies” then children ALREADY died from Democrat obstruction to GOP alternative proposals to Hilarycare in the 1990’s. You know, those same proposals you refer to when you say “Obamacare was a Republican plan”?

But, you don’t really want to talk about that, do you, bubbala?

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