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I work as a book editor.

Not everyone is good at their jobs. I once hired a Harvard MBA because he was a Harvard MBA. The job I hired him for was right in his wheelhouse. I quickly found out that even at Harvard Business School, somebody has to finish at a the bottom of the class.

You’re an unclear writer and you clearly don’t self-edit before posting. That makes you a poor writer. And a poor communicator in general.

No, I don’t self-edit before posting. I have a day job; Medium is for fun, not posterity. However, if you saw what I actually DO in that day job, you’d hang your head in shame and admit you jumped to the wrong set of conclusions. A rather large part of my work involves technical writing, technical communications, and public speaking; my employer has me flying all over the world to speak conferences because I’m fucking good at it.

Enough said. This is the internet. Anyone can claim to be anything. Debates which hinge on an individual’s claimed education/employment/social status/whatever don’t go anywhere.

Not to mention your transphobic bullshit, of course, which is really the point.

There was nothing in my post that was “transphobic”; nothing in there expresses any fear of transgendered individuals whatsoever. Simply because you believe something to be true does not make it true. You are not the final authority on, well, anything.

If you think you ARE a final authority, then I’d suggest a little professional intervention for your narcissism. From what you’ve posted so far, you clearly have an ego the size of Texas.

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