Polls throughout the election showed that Clinton would beat every GOP candidate except Trump.
A dumb man

They also showed Bernie would have beaten every GOP candidate including Trump.

Of course they did. The GOP spent hundreds of millions of dollars discrediting Hilary. They spent $0.00 discrediting Sanders, because he was never going to get the nomination. It was obvious even before New Hampshire that Hilary had the nomination locked up due to the superdelegate issue, although the Sanders sycophants did everything they could to avoid facing that mathematical reality.

If Sanders had looked the least bit viable, the GOP Money Gun would have turned away from Clinton onto Sanders, telling America just what a crazy old fucker Sanders has been throughout his career. We would have seen travelogues of his honeymoon in the Soviet Union. We would have heard interviews with everyone he knows and doesn’t like him about his actual political thinking. We would have seen ads like this……

….plastered all over every billboard and on ever TV in America.

The DNC played a lot of dirty tricks on Bernie, but there was one thing they were absolutely right about — — he was never going to get elected.

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