Venn diagram, please.
tollevin williams

Several well known ways of looking at this complexity. This one (from Jerry Pournelle’s doctoral thesis in poly sci at Cal Berkeley) is flipped on the X axis (it has the leftist philosophies on the right) but you get the drift.

Another way of looking at it:

However you draw your diagram, the point is that in both “dictator is bad” (whether or not the dictator is a person or the state) and “dictator is good” philosophies, there is a conservative and a liberal manifestation.

If you believe in state-based authoritarianism, then that can manifest itself as Naziism (authoritarianism because the world is evil and the government must protect you from them — or “enemy without”) or Communism/Socialism (authoritarianism because the wealthy are evil and the government must protect you from them — or “enemy within”).

Complicating the matter in the US is that the political parties are both; the democrats advocate social libertarianism under a framework of constitutional rights, while the republicans advocate social authoritarianism under the same framework. OTOH, economically, the Democrats are more authoritarian, believing in a strongly regulated economic environment, while the GOP are economically libertarian.

Hope that helps, but I probably just gave you a headache. I know all this gives me one. :-)

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