Actually, your assertion was that “ The current crop of ‘leftists’ in the US would not have…
Jeremy Riddle

The politics of the American left (such as it is) — the free, open, pluralistic, multicultural liberal democracy — are anathema to fascism.

Oh, I agree. I just don’t believe that those are the characteristics of the current crop of American leftists. Too much of the Bill of Rights seems to be, to them, subject to change. And not in a good way.

One is going about a perfectly normal conversation and someone suddenly drops in the notion that the moon landings were faked or Obama is a socialist Muslim from Kenya.

I apologize that there exist right wing crazies. However, please acknowledge that there are left wing crazies, too. And they appear to be in an ascendancy. Hence my reference to them finding common cause with fascists. Perhaps I didn’t explain myself well enough.

For the record, I was unaware that Jonah Goldberg had written on this topic.

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