OK, I didn’t think I’d have to explain this, but I will…
Jeff Allen

After that, we see a huge shift in party affiliation of southern whites to the Republican Party (see the Southern Strategy) which obviously continues to this day.

This is incorrect. Go look at the actual makeup of the Congressional delegations.

After WW2, the delegations from the Southern states were nearly 100% Democrat. However, during the Eisenhower era, a shift began from the Dem to the GOP in those southern delegations. That shift continued at the same slow rate until 1994, when the GOP, for the first time, took the majority of the Southern contingents. The process ended in 2010, at which time pretty much the only Dem representatives from the South are ones whose seats were predetermined by the VRA.

The GOP indeed discussed the cynical Southern Strategy; but it never was enacted. If it were enacted, then (a) there would have been a host of Democrat congresscritters switching parties, and/or (b) there would have been an abrupt movement of the delegations in the 70’s from the Dem to the GOP as the people switched their votes.

In fact, neither of these happened. As the Dem party moved to the left economically……the Southern voter did not. And, during the 60’s, both the school prayer and abortion decisions made religious voters nationwide less comfortable with the Democrats. Very simple, actually.

So, in the end, the Dem reps that voted against the Civil Rights Act held their seats, as Dems, until they retired, and were replaced by Republicans.

So when Republicans today claim to be the party of Lincoln, it’s almost entirely disingenuous.

Well……I am not sure what that means, exactly. Lincoln was a racist himself, and has quotes on the books where he refers to the inferiority of the black race. He did oppose slavery on religious grounds. So, technically….I would hope nobody claims to be the “party of Lincoln”, if you’re referring to the man.

On a surface level, sure. But the reality today is that Republicans have become the party of choice for racists. Not all Republicans are racist, but nearly all racists are Republican.


On all the “racist” questions asked on the GSS, White GOPers are either (a) tied with or (b) slightly more racist than White Democrats. Racism is quite well represented in the Dem Party, it appears.

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