Actually it very much does.
Svetlana Voreskova

What we consider to be beautiful for women are all signs of health, youth and fertility; signs that she would make strong healthy babies. For men we consider signs that he is strong, resourceful and successful; signs that he would make a good protector and provider for those babies. That is why men strive to have big muscles and drive extensive cars and women by products that promise to make them look younger and prettier. It is why men lie about how much money they make and women lie about their age.

This is traditional Biological Anthropology 101.

You do understand, I hope, that all the professors who used to teach biological anthropology have been fired, and were replaced by “professors” who teach cultural anthropology from a women’s, race, and gender perspective? :-)

(Do they still teach that “structure = function” in Zoology 101? Or did the SJW’s manage to get that removed?)