Sharing a story of your Mentor

Mentor is someone who is more experienced and knowledgeable person than you.I have many Super Heroes in my life who always help me and guide me to solve my problems.Every one have their own Mentor like Teacher,Friends and Parents.Although My parents always with me whenever I’m in trouble but the real hero and my Mentor is one and only my “Chachu” who was just not help me but also help my family in every situation.He have very Supportive and Generous kind of Personality.He always stand with me when I was in trouble.Normally people seek for their Mentor but I was among the some luckiest person who get the best Mentor without any effort.

In childhood,I was not a good student,and always playing with kids and fighting with my friends.But,my Chachu is only one who guide me from since childhood.He gave me example of successful people mostly my cousins who achieve their goal with determination and hard work.He always motivate me to study hard achieve something that change your life.As the time passed on I become quite close to him,I discussed my concerns,my aims and my difficulties with him and every time he motivate me by saying:Only you can change your life, no one can do it for you”

He took keen interest in my development and betterment skills.I seriously learned a lot from him.I truly give the credit of my personality development to him.I am Thankful to Allah who has blessed me some more good mentors and I am learning from them and will continue learning in future.

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