Verisimilitude by Khadija Kiani.

Sometimes closing your eyes repose you from who you really are, from where you really belong and what you really want. Getting lost into the galaxy of those infinite thoughts twinkling like stars stun you, opening your eyes with its glare a little smile and few tears in your eyes, that vacuum gives you relief because at that time even your breath doesn’t disturb you but how much time can you live in this hallucination?

Nothing ever lasts that’s extremely painful but a sigh of relief as well as I said nothing ever lasts. That’s something extremely kind from time to us that it never stops it goes on no matter how difficult or good it is. But sometimes the months fly away in seconds and sometimes seconds turn into decades. But nothing lasts forever not me, not you or this world.

Often regrets and setbacks consume our thinking competence and sometimes consume us entirely. Life is an expedition; we are never sure what’s next on our way but at least we should be triumphant where we are standing. If you could not find solace in your life you have acquired nothing. Only pilgrimage to happiness is to try to content His people so that Allah may be pleased with you. You will be a memory one day, try to be a good one.