Informational interview

Informational Interviewer: Khadim Hussain

Informational Interviewee: Sir Zafar Ullah Zahid. He is a great motivational speaker and work in different companies as HR and also conduct career counseling in different university and colleges. He work as a Deputy Manager HR and Operations At Midas International and Managing Partner At Syntax Resources HR services and also visiting lecturer At Imperial College Of Business Studies Lahore. Here a brief intro of my professional Informational Interviewee.

He tells me that scope itself nothing, if you are talented and have Job specific knowledge and skill you easily get job . He tells me that this is my experience I interviews in 5 to 6 companies and Alahmdullah I selected because in my career I have lots of passion in my relevant field and I choice this field to find myself. And he also tell me that if you have not talented and you have degree of BBA or MBA you don’t get a good job he tells me that focus on learning not for CGPA or Degree.

The experience I was here is that if a person have skills and talented in any field they are successful in their life. And I realized that Allah gives everyone has a unique quality anyone find that quality they become success.

The another question I asked Zafar Ullah Zahid sab is about my English communication skill is weak then he says that if you are born then you don’t know any language but now you speak Urdu English well…… He says that nothing is impossible if you are practice to speak English inshaAllah you get sound change in your communication skills.

I learn many thinks to u sir Zafar Ullah Zahid like you reaction on my request to counseling and your work for society is remarkable. InshaAllah near future I also plan to join you company. I am speechless to talk your qualities . At the End I will b thankful to you for this act of kindness.

I know my english is not good but practice make man perfect! :)

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