Sharing the 6 tips with your classmate of

“Manage and Maximise your Professional Career”

For this purpose I Contact through my friends, whose name is Mustansar Hussain and studying in UET Peshawar .He is too much talented and handwork and a man have big dreams to want some thing. He is very passionate about Amal Academy.

I contact him through Facebook and ask for time , and tell him about that I

want to share tips with you in which inshaAllah will be very helpful for you. After that i share the 6 Tips :


1. Do an internship before pursuing a higher degree to confirm if you like that field/industry.

2. Don’t do PhD if you want to be an entrepreneur or work in corporate sector.

3. Spend at least one year in your first job.

4. Find your passion and align it with your career.

5. Decisions are very unique to each person, what’s right for one isn’t right for the other.

6. Own your decisions: Don’t let other people make decisions for you and don’t blame anyone else.

After each tips, she show her passion and interest. and share his point of views

on each steps. He agree in each step , He want to go for Corporate sectors and he is much passionate about his career, And want to do something different.

I have learn many things from Mustansar motivation gonna increase . and courage to do something extraordinary.