Why Most People Will Never Be Successful
Benjamin P. Hardy

By that logic it’s obvious you will never be successful! If higher quality is your measure of success then you will always be chasing it and never feel satisfied that you’ve achieved it. There is always higher and when you achieve that you’ll be looking up at the next plateau feeling not quite successful yet!

Success my friend is acceptance. It’s feeling perfectly fine with who you are, what you do and where. It’s being overweight and enjoying a chilli dog with a side order of greasy fries, an orange crush and 12oz strawberry Sunday because it’s your favourite meal and being able to put any who tries to body shame you in their place!

Success is being accepting enough of yourself to know who you really are and want. It is the opposite of setting goals based on what others value or norms call for! It’s knowing that eating or living healthy will only make you feel healthier but there is no guarantee that it will actually keep you healthier or successful just like winning a lottery can make you feel rich but there is no guarantee it will actually keep you rich or successful.

Success is not striving for less! On the contrary, it is thriving for more acceptance, more understanding, more of the things you yourself value and more tolerance of the thinks you don’t because these are also a part of life that you should never be obsessed with running away from! Try refining the things you dislike instead of trying to escape them. When that’s not possible simply cut down your exposure, slowly at first and not necessarily completely. You may find acceptance has a threshold that is well above zero!

Like you I tried to keep happiness out of this. But ultimately, happiness is the only measure of success that matters. And the road to happiness starts with acceptance! Know yourself, refine, accept, repeat! That is the cycle of success as far as I can tell.

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