Adobe Illustrator’s updated export features are a huge time saver!

As a veteran designer with 15+ years of experience working in Adobe Creative Suite, I could not be more thrilled to learn of the Sketch-inspired updates to Adobe Illustrator’s export process!

The latest release of Adobe CC allows designers to configure export settings within Illustrator that will travel along with the file. Artboards and assets (logos, icons etc.) can be selected, dropped on an export asset panel and exported at 1x, 2x, 4x and so on. Formats such as PNG, SVG etc. can be selected for each group of assets, and Illustrator will automatically save the file to each of these settings within the selected folder. Future exports will be saved with the same settings, in the same locations unless the output requirements are altered. What a time saver!

I was first exposed to this export concept when investigating Sketch earlier this year. This feature alone had me considering switching. However, with over a decade invested, it is a large commitment to switch to a new system. Plus many designers and developers I collaborate with are still working in Adobe Creative Suite.

Adobe is a bit late to the game here, but I’m thrilled to see this update. Bringing in features like this will definitely make it easier to continue to support a company that has defined design tools for the better part of the past 20 years. Sketch is definitely creating some competition and pushing this giant forward. I am happy to see progress toward a more streamlined and favorable UI.

For more information on the new export features in Adobe Illustrator check out the Adobe Tutorial linked here:

Khaiersta Flowers English is Founder and Creative Director of Flower Press Creative Studio, a full-service website design and development studio in Seattle, WA.