The best thing

The best thing about my new Macbook Pro 15" Retina with Touchbar, is the same thing I struggle with on my iPhone 6. The fingerprint scanner.

On my Macbook Pro, the TouchBar finger print scanner opens the machine correctly every time. There is no moving my finger around to get the proper position. There is no fighting with it to please “just fail” so I can enter the 6-digit code. Why does something that has been in place on iPhone so much longer “just work” on my Macbook? The scanner is smaller. Perhaps the angle for the scan is more consistent. Whatever the case, so far this little square of glass, this finger-print scanner, is great.

Thank you Apple for this great new feature, and please, please work to correct whatever is happening with iPhone.

Khaiersta Flowers English is Founder and Creative Director of Flower Press Creative Studio, a full-service product design and development studio in Seattle, WA.