Will the Parents Please Stand Up

Khaitan Public School gave an excellent opportunity for its teachers to exhibit their finesse in writing by way of writing an article for the organisation Path to Mom. The organisation aims at creating a platform where the educators can vociferously express the role of parents in moulding the character of a child and bring about a change for a better tomorrow.

With ethics plummeting to the abyss of the moral compass and the bawls to bring about a restoration of old times being inundated in the din of modernity and change, the role of parents as the guiding angels for the young generation has acquired a fresh connotation.

Parents who think that their responsibility ends with paying for the education of the child and giving the child pocket money need to stand up and take note of the new roles which are being written for them, while they rejoice in the bubble of their oblivion.

Parents have a momentous role to play in moulding the personality of their child. The child is always the reflection and an extension of their beliefs and ideals. However, the new world at the display where money is the governing factor and emotions have been reduced to emojis has taken a toll on parents. They are muddled as no experience readies them for the phenomena called parenting.

Nevertheless, parents will always be parents; whether today or tomorrow. They always follow their heart when it comes to their children (We all know this and how many times we have taken advantage of this!). The values that they hold dear are considered unalterable diktats which would hold their children at a vantage point when they grow up. However, they need to alter and adjust these values according to the changing times. The most important thing to be taught to children in today’s world is respect for the other gender.

The division between the yin and yang begins in a family quite early. By the way, this is not restricted to the unlettered. Even the educated are a party to it, knowingly or unknowingly. Very early in life, the roles of a girl and boy are decided. If it is to fetch something from the shop, the boy must do it and if the mother needs a chaperone to attend an event, it has to be a girl. The boys are never expected to do dishes or carry the utensils to the kitchen, it is meant for the soft hands of the girls. There is a timeline set for the girls to come back home but these same lines get blurred for a boy. This treatment can be changed. This association of feminine with mediocrity gentleness can change. It just needs a little more parenting, believe me!!

The advertisements of today are eye openers (only if we cared for them) as they attempt to redefine the position of women vis-à-vis men. The boys have to be taught by parents to respect and honour the differences that exist between the two genders. They must see the women not as a weaker link but as a complementary lego block. Parents can be role models for children and apprise them of the blurring lines (and this time for women) as women are rewriting history and telling its male counterparts that they have arrived and that too in many styles.

Let us all rejoice in the unity of masculine and feminine. Let us all create individuals who don’t wish to dominate the world but wish to share this world interwoven with the threads of empathy and respect into its fabric.