There are many verses in the Holy Quran that mention lewdness cannot go hand in hand with the…
Erum Khatoon

Lewdness is not the same as having a relationship with the same sex, being attracted to the same sex or falling in love with the same sex.

You can be 100% straight and be lewd. I don’t need to read the quick links for you to prove a point to me. I read the Qur’an when I was coming to terms with my sexual orientation/coming out.

Rather you judge me, I would suggest you send religious links about adultery to men who have extra marital affairs outside of marriage, men who are paedophiles, men who victimise women and treat them like second class citizens, men who abuse women and men who know nothing about commitment, love, responsibility or Equality in the home.

Send religious links to people who abuse children, animals and the elderly, who are frauds, corrupt and liars, who use their power over others to intimidate, harass, harm and discriminate.

Find those religious links in the Qur’an to send to people who monopolise, who can’t help those in need like the Saudis in Arabia who don’t help their Muslim neighbours in the Yemen, or those in Pakistan who feed off the poor and don’t provide decent infrastructures and can’t be bothered to invest in the economy so people can lead a decent life, whilst they live in Mansions instead.

Send your quick links to your Muslim brethren who spit and sneer, rape and drink, take drugs and pose in their flash cars and crudely try to attract young girls.

Send your links to people who flock and fawn on Instagram and Twitter, find what the Quran says about modesty and idolatry.

Send your links to those who conform to patriarchal rule and daren’t question what is going on around them for fear of looking like fools.

Send your links to the hypocrites within Islam and misinterpret the rulebooks.

For Allah said “Seek Knowledge” and “Humans were all created Equal”