Never Use a Needy !!!!!

Lately,a friend of mine needed a guy to do some gardening in his backyard. I told him that it’s just 4 hours eager hands’ work and to hire “a man from the field” who would get things professionally done would cost him around 15$. But for Adam, who would think twice before spending a penny that’s too much. He’d wait for Friday to go pick one of those beggars who sit opposite the mosque. He argued that he’s doing humanity a favor and though I couldn’t believe him declaring that he’s going to risk his garden just to help that unfortunate I thought both could be beneficiaries.

Yesterday at the Cafe, Adam narrated: ” That bastard my man !!!!!!! I found him leaning against a parked car there and as I approached him he asked for money, it didn’t take too long to describe his task which he accepted right away for a pack of cigarettes and a dollar to drink a coffee. I thought I wouldn’t have a better deal and contented with what I’ve made, I stopped by a tobacconist on the way home and got him a pack of Winston and the 3$ left. I even asked my wife to cook something for him. He really looked tired and hungry.

But the bastard ate and left…. Shit !!!!!! He didn’t even trim a leaf. “

Morals of Adam’s story:

– Never use a needy

– Never pay for a service until you’re fully served

– Never think you are the smartest.

And above all NEVER say NEVER ☺