A blind date in business class

So as I write this I know that since we don’t know each other anything I say is immediately read without any sense of trust that I could be a good person offering friendly constructive and honest advice. But I do feel compelled to share my thoughts because I have been in similar situations and when I find myself in one of these situations if anything isn’t to my liking I tell myself there are 2 ways to look at this:

1. Man I’m flying business and its so nice and I could never afford this but now I can and I’m eating a steak at 30,000 feet while children in Somalia starve of hunger etc (in other words I am so grateful for how fortunate I am).


2. X is wrong with what I am fortunate to have for any X reason.

So back to your story. Your humility was evident from the intro and your humor gave the story that light-hearted friend-sharing-an-experience feel, but the conclusion doesn’t finish on what is most important (IMHO). The last line being “but I am so grateful for what I have”. Would have made it just perfect.

With all due respect.

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