The last piece of me

I am honored, with few real friends. Blessed with a mentality that has no limits. Pleased with the little things in life.

I enjoy looking at her for no reason, until she became the only art I know.

I know, I might be exaggerating, but I’m not. Here eyes is quiet as a night in the desert, in windy night the blows your imagination. Beyond logic, because logic make us determine what’s right and what’s wrong.

I am miserable without love. Not by accident, it’s my choice from the start. I started this addiction when i found that drugs are harmful. Now, I wish if i never stopped doing drugs.

Chasing the dragon of her face. The smooth lips and dark hair. The smart brain and the wise talk. Now I became addicted, I won’t ever walk…. Away.

My heart is surrounded by a wall, the way is dark. Yet she found a way.

I am the last piece of me. Survived a billion broke memory, started to skip school, because life is a soft shell, it can be broken easily. Inside the shell, there’s a body with a curved back, surrounding itself and folded, asking for protection. Feels like this is the only perfection. Avoiding conversations but having too many, not every thing we ask for is handy.

Take the last piece, it’s a trophy you can keep. Hang it on your chest as a necklace, that is shining whenever you naked. Show the worthy of having a body full of scars. You are a strong woman, and I’m a storyteller.

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