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The exciting feeling of running into the wild freedom with big plans and anticipation of what could be. Is this the year of opportunity?

“Now? But, 2018 is less than a week away,” I hear you object.

“I prefer to start fresh.”

And so the classic new year’s resolution dupe begins. Written, directed by, and starring yourself. Exactly like every other year.

  • I’m gonna be so ripped next year. Never touching another McMeal in my life.
  • This is the year of travelling! But also saving.
  • I will read 500 books in 12 months. Easy peasy.
  • etc..

You get the idea, we’ve all been there. …

It’s been 2 years since Dropbox dropped a $100 mil on the Mailbox team’s table, and swindled them into ‘the acquired startups that will never see the light again’ land. I was one of the early adopters of the app, little did I know it will change the way I treat the inbox, forever. So naturally ever-since then I’ve been looking for a replacement.

Disclaimer: I’m not paid for this. This is simply my struggle with email clients since Mailbox gave me a taste of the goods and shut down.

I can finally confidentially say I found the best email client replacement.

Sure it took 2 years (well 1.5 years and 0.5 years scruitinizing the replacement in every way), but you know what they say, better late than never so without further ado.. …

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Good enough user experiences are easier than ever to achieve, and most UX/UI designers can deliver that given the robust availability of design systems. From design assets, to design systems and design patterns. Movements such as the Material Design by Google, Fluent Design by Microsoft, even Shopify came up with one called Polaris. These systems have given designers something to work off, and the people a high level of expectation.

The junior designers of today simply have access to much more that could bridge the gap and bring them close to skilled seniors of last decade.

But that simply builds the foundation for good-enough. …


Khalid Al-Jaaidi

User experience design

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