Six Years With a Distraction-Free iPhone
Jake Knapp

Excellent write up as always, I’ve been experimenting with a distraction free iPhone of my own for a while, I think when I first started I got back 80% of my time by simply stopping the news barrage, deleting email, and all these social apps. So now after reading Make Time and the rest of your posts I’ve adopted the screen layout, love it!

I think an important highlight which you mentioned in other articles but not here is, its not the app specifically that actually matters, its how addicted you are to it, your ‘kryptonite’. For example I have instagram, I hardly open that thing few times a week, and for Slack I literally only open it when I need to access some messages for work from my phone, usually time critical, other than that their notifications are completely disabled after work hours, and only show up in notification center during wokr hours, and they’re thrown far off in the screen layout, because to me I’m not addicted to any of them and can easily forget they even exist on my phone. That level of ‘personal discovery’ is up to every person to find it though.

Thanks again for sharing