Trade show marketing — I’m afraid I’m going to screw this up
Nathan Kontny

Hi Nathan,

I just read traction couple of months ago. It is a good refresher. We tried trade shows in the past and had mixed results. Some shows generated solid business and some did not generate any. Choosing the right show is critical. Sometimes, you chose a show thinking that your audience is there and then discover that the wrong staff members are attending. For example, we exhibited at the ecommerce design conference. Most of our customers are ecommerce companies. I thought this would be a good show to be at. It was not. Attendees were designers. We do not sell to designers. We sell to to executives at ecommerce shows.

We considered doing couple of other shows this year and then decided to wait due to high cost (at least 20k/show after all said and done). In my research about trade shows, i read couple of posts which I thought were interesting and plan on using them in our next show:

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