One of the questions you should deal with in CRO is the impact a particular page (the homepage for example) or class of pages (product or category pages) on the overall website conversion rate. The answer to that question determines the impact of optimizing that page on your bottom line.

Let’s say that your analysis shows that the homepage of your site has several conversion issues and that it is ripe for optimization. You introduce a new design that fixes the conversion issues. You then test that design against the original homepage design. …

I have been a fan of the work from Basecamp for a long time. Started using some of their products back in 2006, read all the books they published and tried to implement some of their suggestions at Invesp.

Ayat mentioned that Jason posted recently about a new position at Basecamp — a head of marketing. So, before reading the job details and what it entails, I thought to myself, if I were responsible for hiring a “head of marketing” at Basecamp, what would I ask him to do?

This would also make for an interesting case study away from…

Coming from a development background, I made sure that we hire some of the best developers to work on FigPii — the platform has been the internal tool we use to conduct our CRO projects.

But I had an issue with one of our senior developers. As he starts working on a new feature, he will review all the previous code and come up with better ways to write it. He will refactor the code and clean it up. And he will do this again and again.

With every new feature he worked on, we ended up with a better-written…

Most of the conversion optimization work that I see nowadays is an over-architected usability fix deployed as AB tests.

Most companies & consultants try to increase conversions but all they do is fix usability issues

When trying to improve conversions o a website, then there are different levels of items that you need to identify and fix:

  • Site bugs
  • Site functionality
  • Emotional messaging
  • Social messaging

The story of FigPii: success, failures, and lessons we learn along the way

I published my first blog back in 2006. Since then, I have written hundreds of posts published mainly on the Invesp blog. My post focus on conversion optimization, AB testing, and digital marketing.

Khalid Saleh

CEO @Invesp - Amazon bestselling author on Conversion Optimization #cro #abtesting

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