There are hundreds of seminars running across the globe, persisting to reinforce a positive mental attitude; which really sounds easy to some while others prefer to retreat back to the comfortable norm of negativity. If we carefully analyse the systematic rise of promoting superiority of race, class, affluence, achievement, and lifestyles by media we come to see that all root cause of being unhappy is the constant race to beat the other person. Positivity is something that can’t come from the outside, you have to constantly dig inside and look for answers. The norm is to look outside and learn how others are achieving and you aren’t. Paying hundreds of dollars towards seminars, books, webinars, joining MLMs (Multilevel Marketing) wouldn’t change anything unless you are ready inside. You see, everybody here is selling something and there is no harm in that; however if that product or service is promising shortcuts to success, overnight millionaire schemes, etc. an alarm should ring in your consciousness. These people are the new drug dealers of society, selling the drug of supposed “fast forwarding of your misery to success”.

My first seminar was ‘You can do it!’ by the late Wayne Dyer, well there were quite a number of speakers but I personally went to listen to this man. It was one of the most fulfilling experiences of my early 20’s; it was a check mark on my bucket list. I took some remarkable life altering notes, thoughts, even books home, and was pumped for the next several months. It changed my prospective towards life and how I viewed it through the thick and foggy lenses placed on my eyes by family, friends, schooling, culture etc. Dr. Dyer had a more philosophical and mystical approach to life, he suggested that if you are follower of someone try to replicate their attitude, traits, and philosophical blue print and you will be able to attain the exact. He said if you are a Christian; don’t just follow Christ; be Christ like. Since that day I have been attending seminars, reading books, reading articles online, following a dozen great speakers on social media, and trying to exhaust all my resources to alter my philosophical blueprint.

In my quest of knowledge I have come across people, seminars, websites, and social media pages that mislead 1000’s of people into an instant overnight success. They show a flashy side of being rich, in extreme contrast to some cold, hard, and raw advice of hard work that the real mentors transmit. In a world where everything is instant and superfast, the perception, philosophy, eating habits and the overall blueprint of life has become instant. In spite of the extremely side effects of these instant formulas, people tend to be attracted to how quickly they can satisfy their desires while at the same time avoiding the excruciating pain of hard work, failure, and risk. It is easy to sell steroids over natural supplements, movies over books, instant food over well prepared nutritious meals, etcetera. A proof of this model is all around you in the form of very successful businesses, and an extreme gap between quality of life where the people who believe in instant formulas are living a life where they are being punished for skipping the hard work, persistence, perseverance, and responsibility of consequence; in comparison to the sweet fruits of hard work bringing abundance, satisfaction, and a natural urge to betterment. A person who works hard has sheer focus on self-improvement, self-reliance, self-criticism, and a feeling of self-responsibility; they do not blame, accuse, and / or criticise people, circumstances, or other factors having a hand in their failure but rather begin to alter their philosophical blueprint.

This article is to share the cold hard raw extractions of my research of 10 years, and hope to persuade you to continue on the rough, self-reliant, and realistic journey of a hard worker. I wish to convey the message of the farmer attitude, elaborated and emphasized by great teachers. You reap what you sow, a farmer never expects wheat where he is sowing tomatoes, neither ignores the conditions nor the effort required in order to bear the best crop. You will under no circumstances see a farmer go the next day or week to analyse if the seeds have sprouted, let alone the expectation of fruits. To change your life, make an instant alteration to your philosophical blueprint and see how you begin to develop respect for hard work, be grateful for what you possess, and constantly analyse your blueprint to success; evolve or dissolve.

Article By:

Maximus Hajer

@maximushajer (Twitter)

@billionairerepublic (Instagram)